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Who We Are...

Verndale Public School is a small k-12 school that strives to make all students feel welcome. It is the goal of our staff to be friendly, available, and accommodating to every learner in our building.

Each student is seen as a unique person who possesses certain potential, needs, dreams, and interests. We understand that each student is different, and so it is our goal to provide appropriate experiences in school which will help students achieve at their highest levels. In doing so, we strive to help each student become a useful and productive member of society.

We are excited about what the next few years has in store for us as we strive to become one of the first schools in Minnesota to be recognized as a High Reliability School. We are in the process of being certified at level 1. How we have worked to achieve level 1 is to get feedback from our students, parents, community, and teachers. We want to make this a school that is safe and collaborative. We have found areas of need or concern and we have made adjustments. If you have any other ideas, please contact Mr. Follingstad or Mr. Brownlow.


The mission and vision of the Verndale Public School District is to provide a safe environment where students are prepared for an ever-changing world through educational excellence.

See How We Are Doing...

Verndale Public School's Report Card

Each year the school's assessment data is posted on the Minnesota Department of Education's website. You can find out how we are doing by visiting the link below. The Staff of the Verndale takes our scores seriously and is working hard to always be the best we can be. We also know that teaching our students is so much more than one test score. We take pride in how we reach every child where they are at and make changes and accommodations based on the needs of our students and community. If you have any questions about our scores and the actions we are taking, feel free to find out more about our efforts in becoming a High Reliability School by reading about it on our website, or by contacting your child's teacher or an administrator.

Verndale School Report

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