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Verndale Public Schools District #818
411 SW Brown St.
Verndale, MN 56481






Jamie Adams
Special Education Email Jamie  Adams
LaNette Aeling
FACS/Career Advisor Email LaNette Aeling
Heather Arroyo
Elementary Interventionist Email Heather Arroyo
Amy Ashbaugh
Spanish Email Amy Ashbaugh
Rachel Beard
5/6 Language Arts Email Rachel Beard
Katie Bolland
Special Education Email Katie  Bolland
Rachel Bounds
Junior High Math Email Rachel Bounds
Paul Brownlow
Superintendent Email Paul Brownlow
Stephanie Brownlow
High School Band Email Stephanie Brownlow
Nicholas Bunio
K-8 Music/High School Special Bands Email Nicholas Bunio
Mark Callahan
Custodian Email Mark Callahan
Jennifer Cameron
3rd Grade Email Jennifer Cameron
Cameron Carr
Para-professional Email Cameron Carr
Lisa Cochran
Custodian Email Lisa Cochran
Bradley Cottrell
Bus Driver Email Bradley Cottrell
Melissa Current
Bus Driver Email Melissa  Current
Jill Davis
District Nurse Email Jill  Davis
David Drexler
Jr. High Social Studies Email David Drexler
Jeannie Engebretson
Para-professional Email Jeannie Engebretson
Katherine Ervasti
Special Education Email Katherine Ervasti
Maria Ervasti
Art Email Maria Ervasti
Meagan Ferris
1st Grade Email Meagan Ferris
Brenda Finch
Para-professional Email Brenda Finch
Tim Fiskum
High School English Email Tim Fiskum
Tonya Fiskum
Para-professional Email Tonya Fiskum
Arick Follingstad
K-12 Principal, District Assessment Coordinator Email Arick  Follingstad
Mark Gades
Custodian Email Mark  Gades
Diane Gillespie
Fifth-Sixth Grade Email Diane Gillespie
Mary Gronlund
Para-professional Email Mary Gronlund
Debra Hackler
Bus Driver Email Debra Hackler
Brian Hartwig
Health/PE Email Brian Hartwig
Tracy Hegarty
High School Science Email Tracy Hegarty
Jennifer Heldman
Para-professional Email Jennifer Heldman
Michael L Hess
IT Email Michael Hess
Jordan Hinkle
High School English Email Jordan Hinkle
Debra Hutson
Choir Email Debra Hutson
Daniel Johnson
5/6 Grade Email Daniel Johnson
Greg Johnson
Dean of Students/Athletic Directo Email Greg Johnson
Kirstin Johnson
3rd Grade Email Kirstin  Johnson
Sue Johnson
Food Service Email Sue Johnson
Alicia Jones
First Grade Email Alicia Jones
Kim Kern
Food Service Email Kim Kern
Wade Kern
Building/Grounds/Transportation Supervisor Email Wade Kern
Keri Leeseberg
Para-professional Email Keri Leeseberg
Becky Ludovissie
Preschool Email Becky Ludovissie
Kelli Marquardt
Kindergarten Email Kelli Marquardt
Jeff Moore
High School Industrial Arts Email Jeff Moore
Kim Moske
Human Resources/Payroll Email Kim Moske
Nancy Olson
Custodian Email Nancy Olson
Sharyl Olson
Para-professional Email Sharyl Olson
Char Orlando
Librarian/Bus Driver Email Char  Orlando
Angie Orsburn
High School Special Education Email Angie Orsburn
Steve Pauly
Natural Resources Teacher Email Steve Pauly
Amanda Richter
Para-professional Email Amanda Richter
Sara Ross
Second Grade Teacher Email Sara Ross
Art Schluttner
Fifth-Sixth Grade Email Art Schluttner
Dale Schmith
Bus Driver Email Dale Schmith
Daniel Schmitz
Bus Driver Email Daniel Schmitz
Samantha Schmitz
High School Social Studies Email Samantha Schmitz
Val Schmitz
Special Education Email Val Schmitz
Tim Seaton
Health/Phy Ed Email Tim Seaton
Tanya Sickels
Para-professional Email Tanya Sickels
Kimberly Snyder
Para-professional Email Kimberly Snyder
Wayne Stave
Bus Driver Email Wayne Stave
Alicia Strayer
Kindergarten Email Alicia Strayer
Stephen Techam
Bus Driver Email Stephen Techam
Vickie Thompson
Secretary Email Vickie Thompson
Phyllis Umland
Para-professional Email Phyllis Umland
Kody Van Den Eykel
P.E./Health Email Kody Van Den Eykel
Jennifer Veronen
Jr. High Math/5-6 Interventionist Email Jennifer Veronen
Vanessa Waldahl
Special Education Email Vanessa Waldahl
Angie Wallin
Fourth Grade Email Angie Wallin
Lucinda Wegscheid
Food Service Email Lucinda Wegscheid
Kathy Wellmann
Para-professional Email Kathy Wellmann
Kelly Youngbauer
High School Science Email Kelly Youngbauer
Verndale Public School District #818
411 SW Brown St, Verndale, MN 56481
Main: (218) 445-5184
Fax: (218) 445-5185
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