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Concurrent Enrollment/College in the Schools
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Concurrent Enrollment or College in the Schools (CIS) classes are college courses taught by Verndale teachers during the regular school year.

Verndale offers the following concurrent and CIS classes:

Minnesota State Community & Technical College

Central Lakes College

Southwest Minnesota State University

MATH 1114: College Algebra

BIOL 1415: Environmental Biology (yearlong)

LIT 120: Intro to Literature

MATH 1115: Functions/Trigonometry

BIOL 1404: Human Biology (yearlong)

ENG 151: Academic Writing

MATH 1134: Calculus I (yearlong)

SPAN 1401:Beg College Spanish I


MATH 1213: Intro to Statistics (yearlong)

SPAN 1402: Beg College Spanish II


MIS 1100: Business Computers

SPAN 2401: Inter College Spanish I


SOC 1111 Intro to Sociology

SPAN 2404: Inter College Spanish II


PSYC 1200 General Psychology


Similar to PSEO courses, students must meet eligibility requirements before taking concurrent or CIS courses. These requirements include GPA, Accuplacer scores, and pre-requisite coursework. Sophomores are eligible to take concurrent courses as long as they meet all eligibility requirements. The following is required for each respective college, additional requirements can be found on school websites:
  • MState- GPA seniors 2.8, juniors & sophomores 3.2
  • CLC- GPA seniors 2.5, juniors & sophomores 3.0
  • SWSU- seniors top 50% of class, juniors top 70% of class

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