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Graduation Requirements
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Students must have completed satisfactorily all the work in grades seven and eight to enroll for the ninth grade. Graduation credit requirements are met through courses taken in grades nine through twelve. Graduating students must earn a minimum of 76.5 credits; 55.5 credits from required courses and a minimum of 21 credits from elective courses.

The Credit Check form to the right is used by the counseling and academic department to keep track of student graudation progress. Students will review their credits on an individual basis throughout their high school years.

1.    English/Communications - Minimum 12 credits

Required classes: English 9, English 10, Research and Composition, and American Literature

2.    Social Studies - Minimum 12 credits

Required classes: Civics 9, United States History, Economics, and United States Government

3.    Science - Minimum 9 credits

Required classes: Physical Science 9, Biology, and either Chemistry or Physics

4.    Math - Minimum 9 credits in grades 9-12

Required classes:   Algebra I: Linear and Non-Linear, Algebra II with Probability & Statistics, and Geometry      

*If Algebra I Linear/Non Linear was taken in eighth grade, College Algebra and College Trigonometry will be required. 

**If Algebra II and Geometry are taken in ninth grade, College Algebra, College Trigonometry, and College Calculus or College Statistics will be required.

5.    Physical Education/Health - Minimum 4.5 credits

Required classes:  P.E. 9 (1.5 credit) and Sr. High Health (1.5 credits)

6.    Computer/Business - Minimum 3.0 credits

Required classes: Microsoft Office I (1.5 credit) and Personal Finance (1.5 credits)

7.    Career/Life Skills – 1.5 credits

8.    Agriculture – 1.5 credits

9.    Fine Arts – 3 credits

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