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How many high school credits will be awarded for a college course?

  • PSEO students get high school credit for all college courses they pass.
      • 5 credits = 3.35 VHS

      • 4 credits = 2.68 VHS

      • 3 credits = 2.0 VHS

      • 2 credits = 1.34 VHS

      • 1 credit = .68 VHS

Will PSEO credits automatically transfer to any post-secondary institution?

  • No. Transfer of credits is determined by each post-secondary institution. It’s important to work with your academic advisor before registering for a course to ensure it will transfer to your next college. You can also use the website to double check transfer credits. Upon graduating from high school, students will have to send an official transcript of all PSEO courses to the college of their choosing.

How many classes can a student take?

  • They may take one or more courses as long as they do not exceed the equivalent of a full time high school student. Each PSEO course is the equivalent to one class hour at VHS. Each college or university may also have credit limits per semester.

If I take a PSEO course online can I stay at the high school to complete the class?

  • Yes. PSEO online students will be assigned to the media center during their class period.

What happens if a student withdraws from a post-secondary course?

  • Students need to follow the set procedures and guidelines for withdrawing from a course. Deadlines are usually within the first week of a course. If a student doesn't follow these guidelines it will result in a “W” or “WF” on their transcript.

What if a student fails a class?

  • If a class is required for high school graduation the student must retake the course before receiving their high school diploma. In addition, the student’s permanent high school and college transcripts will record the failing grade.

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