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Taking college courses is not something to be taken lightly and is not a good fit for every student. Take into consideration the following when deciding to take PSEO courses:

  • Provides an opportunity to coursework not offered at VHS.
  • Provides an opportunity to explore areas of interest.

  • Provides an opportunity to gain college credits while in high school.

  • Students must be organized and on top of their coursework.

  • PSEO courses are rigorous and require extra time and dedication.

  • Verndale teachers and staff do not have access to course progress and grades throughout the semester. Students are required to hold themselves accountable for their education.

  • Students must still meet all graduation requirements set by Verndale High School. Will doing PSEO allow this to happen?
  • Ensure that the credits you are taking will transfer to the next college or university of your choosing.

  • Even though PSEO students are allowed to participate in all extracurricular activities at the high school, course schedules may conflict. If taking courses at the college, students may miss some of the leadership and extracurricular activities at the high school.

  • PSEO courses follow the college schedule, not the high school schedule. They start before high school courses start and may have different holiday breaks.

  • Take into consideration if you’re ready to take college classes and be treated like an adult. PSEO courses require you to work independently, interact with new students, and be responsible for the completion of your coursework.

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