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The start of a new school year is upon us and it’s time to start planning! With that in mind, I thought I would remind you of some important school health tidbits.


IF YOUR STUDENT HAS A HEALTH CONCERN… Please complete a Health Questionnaire before school starts, so I can best inform the appropriate school staff.  Confidentiality of this information is stressed upon and only the appropriate staff members will receive relevant information about your student.  You can get a form from the school office or download one from the Health Services tab on the school website. If your child has a more serious, life threatening health condition, please contact me and I will work on creating an Emergency Plan. 


 IF YOUR STUDENT NEEDS TO TAKE MEDICATION WHILE AT SCHOOL...For prescription medication, a consent form must be signed by both the parent and the person who prescribes the medication. This form is called the Consent for Administration of Medication (For Prescription Medication).  For non-prescription medication, a similar consent form must be completed by the parent only.  You can get one of these forms from the school health office or you can download a copy from the Health Services tab on the school website.  Medication given at the school must be brought in by an adult.  All medications must be brought to the school in its original container/prescription bottle with the student’s name on it, along with dosage information. (A duplicate bottle can be obtained from the pharmacist upon request.)  The label on the bottle must match the doctor’s order on the consent form.  Please provide the school with a one month supply at a time.  It is strongly encouraged that you try to give your child medication before or after school if possible. 


IF YOUR STUDENT NEEDS IMMUNIZATIONS… Please plan to get your child’s necessary immunizations done prior to the first day of school.  Certain immunizations are required prior to Kindergarten and 7th grade entrance.  Kindergarten students must have their booster doses of DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis), PolioVaricella and MMR (measles, mumps and rubella).  All high school students (including incoming 7th grade students) should have a Tdap booster (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis) and at least one dose of the Meningococcal vaccine.  If your student has not had these vaccines yet, please do so before the start of the school year.  For more information about school immunization requirements, please refer to the Health Services tab on the school website.   If you do not want your child to receive the required vaccinations for medical or personal reasons, please contact me for an exemption form that must be signed and notarized.  Vaccines are available at your primary clinic or at Wadena County Public Health, for those who qualify for the state vaccine program. 


If you have questions, please contact me at the Wadena County Public Health Department at 218-631-7629 or


Jill Davis, RN, PHN School Nurse



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