December 2, 2019

School Board Meeting Agenda and Notes:

Consent Agenda:

Approve Minutes from the November 4, 2019 Regular School Board Meeting

Approve Resolution to Accept Donation(s)

  • Approve the Following Personnel Items

Lane Change Request(s)

Report Items:

  • Financial Report
  • Board Member Reports
  • Legislative Report

New Business:

  • Certify 2019 Payable 2020 Levy
         - Truth in Taxation
         - Public Hearing on Proposed Budget and Property Taxes

Certify Final 2019 Payable 2020 Levy

Approve Fiscal Year 2019 Audit

Approve Resolution 12022019A Determining Facts for Engaging Scott Veronen to Perform Certain Contracted Functions

Approve Resolution 12022019B Determining Facts for Engaging Chris Youngbauer to Perform Certain Contracted Functions

  • Approve the Following Agreements and Contracts
         - 2019-2021 Clerical Staff Handbook
         - 2019-2021 Human Resources-Payroll Specialist Agreement
         - 2019-2021 K-12 Principal/District Assessment Coordinator Agreement
         - 2019-2021 IUOE Local 70 Non-Certified Custodial, Education Assistants and Food Service Employees

Approve the First Reading of the Following Policies

Approve 2018-2019 World's Best Workforce Report

Approve Student Handbook Updates

Approve Nomination for Sourcewell Ex-Officio Board of Directors Election

Approve Proxy Ballot for CMERDC

Approve the Following Program(s)/Contract(s)/Membership(s)

  • Set Date for 2020 School Board Organizational Meeting

Administrative Reports:

Dean of Students/Activities Director

K-12 Principal/District Assessment Coordinator