Food Services is responsible for serving up nutritious meals for Verndale Pirate students. More than 49,862 lunches and 22,964 breakfasts are served each school year.

Healthy meals feed learning minds. That’s why VPS staff follows an “enhanced food based” program when planning meals. They make sure meals contain a certain amount of fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins, as well as offering a variety of texture and color.

Verndale Public School is pleased to offer free meals to all students for the school year 2021-22.  Following state and federal regulations, students must take a fruit or vegetable and 2 other components In order for them to receive a free meal.

It is still very important that you fill out and return the application for education benefits, because at public schools, state and federal funds help to pay for free and reduced-price school meals, as well as other education funds and discounts.

If you return the completed application and your children qualify for free or reduced-price school meals, you will receive a letter stating the effective date of qualification.  Keep this letter as you may need it for other benefits, as you have seen with the P-EBT cards received for last school year. A new application must be submitted each year.

Return your completed Application for Educational Benefits to:

Amy Thompson at Verndale School District  411 SW Brown Street Verndale MN. 56481. 218-445-5184

Parents are encouraged to complete applications for the Free and Reduced Meals program. Applications are available by contacting Food Services at 445-5184 or by clicking on the above link and filling out the form.



Verndale Seamless Summer Option Food service program meals are free for all children ages 18 and younger.

Meals are served at the Verndale School Cafeteria. Check the Food Services website for menus

Breakfast PK-12: 7:50am to 8:15am  | 

Lunch Elementary PK-6 10:45am to 11:10am

Lunch High School

Grades 9-12-12:06-12:30

Grades 7-8-12:36-12:58


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