November 4, 2019

School Board Meeting Agenda and Notes:

Consent Agenda:

Approve Minutes from the October 7, 2019 Regular School Board Meeting

  • Approve Resolution to Accept Donation(s)
  • Approve the Following Personnel Items

Report Items:

  • Financial Report
  • Board Member Reports
  • Legislative Report

Old Business:

New Business:

Approve Dissolution of the Agriculture Agreement with the Bertha-Hewitt School District Effective June 30, 2019

  • Approve the Following Agreements and Contracts
         - 2019-2021 Master Agreement with the Verndale Education Association (VEA)
         - 2019-2021 Clerical Staff Agreement
         - 2019-2021 Information Technology (IT) Support Agreement
         - 2019-2021 Food Service Supervisor Agreement
         - 2019-2021 Transportation and Buildings and Grounds Supervisor Agreement
         - 2019-2021 Human Resources-Payroll Specialist Agreement
         - 2019-2021 K-12 Principal/District Assessment Coordinator Agreement
         - 2019-2021 Superintendent Contract Amendment

Approve Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) Grant Maria Ervasti Years of Service for 403(b) Participation

Approve Resolution Authorizing Participation with the Community Concern for Youth (CCY) Program with Todd-Wadena Community Corrections

Approve Assurance of Compliance and Mandate Reporting Application

Approve Community Education Report

Approve the Following Program(s)/Contract(s)/Membership(s)

Administrative Reports:

Dean of Students/Activities Director

K-12 Principal/District Assessment Coordinator