September 27, 2018

School Board Meeting Agenda and Items:

Approve Consent Agenda and Report Items

b. Freshwater Education Report

c. Legislative Report

d. Donation(s)

Old Business:

New Business:

b. Review 2018-2019 Student Enrollment

c. Certify Proposed 2018 Payable 2019 Levy

d. Approve Revised Memorandum of Understanding with VEA for 2018-2019 Alternative Career Pathways Program

Consider/Approve the Following Personnel Items:

i. Resignation(s)/Retirement(s)

Approve Resolution of Sponsorship for the Wadena County Community Concern for Youth (CCY) Program

Approve District Sponsored Fundraiser Requests for 2018-2019 School Year

Approve Resolution of School Board Supporting Form A Application to MN State High School League Foundation

Call for Snow Removal Quotes for 2018-2019

Sept 27, 2018 Board Packet